Fine Tuning Class - Covid - 19 Safety Measures

We at NWI Parkinsons recognize the danger that this virus represents to our Parkinsons Community. We are planning on resuming our classes on May 25th, however for the safety and well being of everyone we see, we are placing certain  precautions and requirements to our classes. Please read carefully, so you'll be prepared and know what to expect when you come to class.

 We will be requiring all participants to sign a Covid-19 liability waiver. Our classes will be participate at your own risk. However we are trying to create as safe of an environment as possible to minimize exposure risk.

Temperature - when you arrive we will be taking your temperature with a no contact infrared thermometer

Social Distancing - we are asking that social distancing be maintained at our facility and will help to facilitate this by placing markers or chairs at appropriate distances for each participant.

Masks/Face Coverings - due to the high risk clientele that we serve, we are making it mandatory for all participants to wear masks or some type of face covering. If you do not have one, one will be provided to you.

Cleaning of equipment - All equipment must be wiped down between participant use.

Hand Washing - We ask that all participants wash their hands before and after class.

Skill Stations -  In order to minimize risk of exposure, participants will stay at one seat in  the activity room instead of rotating through skill stations. Skills done in class will be utilizing items that can either be sanitized easily and passed along, or will be items for individual use that will be placed in a container with that participants name on it to be used in following weeks of class.

Fine Tuning


Fine Tuning Class

This class is based on researched activities shown to challenge your mental acuity, sharpen your fine motor skills and improve your coordination. Parkinson's Disease can cause a lack of fine motor control leading to dexterity issues and coordination problems as well as Micrographia (small handwriting), and practical issues such as problems dressing or feeding oneself. It can also lead to slower reaction and movement times which can impact the persons ability to carry out certain activities safely e.g. use of machinery or the ability to drive can be affected.  This can be such a gradual change that you may not notice it at first until it becomes severe and stops you from being able to do certain activities all together. This class help to maintain and improve your skills before you get to that point. 

Led by Julie Markowitz RN

Julie has been as registered nurse for 27 years. Her areas of practice have included renal, urology, home health, neurology, orthopedics, cardiology and intensive care. She has been in charge nurse roles and is a former patient care management position in the past as well as patient care. She is currently a student working towards achieving her Master's Degree in Nursing. 

Class Location

NWI Parkinson's building activities room.

Class Time

This class is currently being held on Thursdays from 12:30pm to 1:30pm.

However this is subject to change due to many requests from participants having scheduling conflicts. Please stay tuned for updated information on new day and time.

What to expect

Expect to have an hour of fun doing various activities that will make you think, use your hands and help your coordination. This class includes arts and crafts, games, mental exercises, and more!

This class is mostly done sitting. We do some craft activities that require you to exercise your thinking skills as well as your dexterity. We also do timed skill stations to work your hands, hand-eye coordination and your mind. We often to puzzles, sometimes as a group if they are more difficult, and memory games. We have  done some work on our feet working on balance and gait. We have even exercised our hands by decorating cupcakes!  So expect a variety of activities with lots of laughs and a great group of people.