Light Full Body Workout with Boxing


Classes taught by Krystal Quagliara


NWI Parkinsons building located at 2927 Jewett Avenue, Highland IN. Class held in activities room on main level of building

Class Time

Mondays from 11:30am to 1:00 p


Please dress comfortably in clothes you can easily move in.

Benefits of Class

Stretching helps people affected by Parkinson's Disease reduce stiffness, improve mobility, posture, gait and balance. Stretching the hamstrings and calves helps to maintain circulation, decrease knee pain, improve ankle joint flexibility, and improves your ability to return to a standing position after bending over. Chest and back stretching helps relieve upper back pain, improve posture, maintain flexibility in your spinal muscles, ligaments and fascia as well as reduces stiffness, improves range of motion, and decreases tension. Shoulder and arm stretching helps musculature that are important for most activities of daily living and increases range of motion in wrists and relieves stress in forearms.


It is important not to over stretch weak muscles or force a joint beyond its normal range of motion. This can lead to instability. Avoid aggressive stretching and allow yourself to progress gradually.