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Pearls of Wisdom

Pearls of Wisdom is a series of seminars with local neurologists, nutrition experts, and other professionals that are able to give information and advice that are pertinent to topics related to Parkinson's Disease. These sessions will include a lecture followed by a Q & A session. Get on our mailing & email lists or call us for more information

Next Pearls of Wisdom Seminar on October 2nd at 6:00 pm

Seminar being held on October 2nd 

Time 6:00 pm

Location NWI Parkinsons activity room

2927 Jewett Ave. Highland Indiana

Topics for October's seminar include:

1.  Eating Healthy with Parkinson's Disease by speaking Jerome Sabo, clinical dietician at Methodist Hospital

2. CBD Oil and it's benefits for Parkinson's Disease by speaker Tamara Jercha, Zilis Ambassador. 

Please note, we at NWI Parkinson's want to stress the importance of telling your physicians everything that you take, whether it be CBD Oil, or even just supplements purchased at the local grocery store. This is important because even the most common place of supplements can have hazardous drug interactions with some medications. So please, please, please talk to your doctors.

October 2nd Pearls of Wisdom Seminar

Jerome Sabo


Jerome Sabo, clinical nutritionist at Methodist Hospital will be speaking at our October 2nd Pearls of Wisdom Seminar. Come join us to see what valuable information he has to share with us pertaining to nutrition and Parkinson's Disease. 

Nutrition is something that affects our daily lives as we all eat every day. Hear how knowing what kinds of foods to eat will help you with your disease process and/or symptom management.

Tamara Jercha


Tamara Jercha is a Zilis Ambassador who will also be speaking at our October 2nd Pearls of Wisdom Seminar. Her topic will be on CBD oil and it's benefits to people suffering from Parkinson's Disease. If you have any thoughts of taking this product, please join us so that you can ensure that you have an educated plan pertaining to dosage, administration, side effects, and for which symptoms it is supposed to help alleviate.